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AKC French Bulldog and Oorang Airedale Terrier Pups
opccj@aol.com, 512-749-2929 Lockhart, TX 78644, between Austin and San Antonio.

A large white with a large chocolate spot female gave birth to four boys and two girls on 4-10-18.  Pictures were taken on 5-21-18.  They are docile, and love to be handled.  They are eating well, and ready for their forever homes.  They have a health guarantee, care recommendations, and lifetime support.

Boys:  $175.

Girls:  $250.

tax is added to the adoption price.

Female pinto hoglet born 4-10-18  $250 plus tax.


Proven White Bellied Caique Pair.  Healthy, young, under 10 years of age.  Ready for some privacy and a nesting box in their permanent new home.  $1400.

I have seen breeding pairs of White Bellied Caique fro $1700.


Blue and Gold Macaws.  Says a few words.  Likes to nip.  7 years old.  Have not been sexed.  $800 each plus.  Cage not included.


Casey is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon.  She is quite the talker.  Non-sexed.  Not Old.  Guesstimate around 10 to15 years old.  She is in great health and feather.  $800 plus tax.

You can research DYH Amazons.  They live for 80 years.  The adult talkers can sell for as much as $1200 on various pet classified sites.


Einstein is a Yellow Naped Amazon.  He loves to talk, sing, whistle.  He prefers women or short hair.  He will sit on your shoulder.  Non-sexed.  Around 10 years of age.  They can live to around 60 years of age.  $800 plus tax.

Breeding Pair of Indian Ringneck.  Male is blue, Female is albino.  $500 plus tax.

Healthy Breeding Pair of Yellow Crown Amazons.  $800 plus tax.

White Bellied Caique named Ricky.  About 15 years old.  can be gentle, and can nip.  He loves to talk.  He is missing his right foot.  He is very active.  $400 with his cage.  He has a nice acrylic cage filled with toys on a stand that has a storage compartment.

Young Breeding Pair of Green Quakers.  $275 plus tax.


White with Red Eyes Quaker Hens.  Bought under 1 year of age, turned 2 years of age this year.  2 sisters.  $500 each plus tax.


Five Jenday Conure chicks starting hatching on 3-24-18.  Pictures taken on 5-30-18.  They are now eating seeds, nuts, fruits, and will be adding some vegetables.  They are in their own separate cage.  Parent raised.

Non-sexed, sight choice:  $185 plus tax.

there are two available.


Non-Sexed, very healthy adult Bare Eyed Cockatoo.  $800.


2 year old Lutino Quaker Hen.  She could be a Cremino, as she has two tones on her head and lighter color on her wings and tail feather.  I bought her as a baby.  She is $500 plus tax.

Her pictures did not have enough light in the barn.  Will try again.


Black Miniature Female Llama born 11-2-17.  She is now 7 months of age, and very small.  She can be separated from her mother.  The mother is not for sale.  The top line is flat, and the ears are great banana ears.  $1000.


Black Adult Female:  $550

Black Adult Miniature Male:  $550.

Black Tuxedo Female, 1.4 years of age:  $550.

Black Mini Female Cria:  $550.


These are emu juveniles that hatched in February of 2017.

They have not been sexed.  They will be sexually mature Spring of 2019.    $300 each.  Tallest is $350.

I do have a 3 year old male that is super gentle and curious, that is not related.  $300.

all lowered to $300, and $350 for tallest juveniles.

Chocolate Jenny baby born July 2017 is now available for her forever home.  $375.  picture taken early 2018.

standard donkey pair:

chocolate jenny and gray paint jack.  3 years old.  She is bred by a larger chocolate jack, and is due in 9 months.  They will not be split.  $550 pair.

Chocolate Jenney/Jenny mother to the chocolate jenney foal born in July 2017. updated pic on the right taken 4-22-18.  She is $400.

 The chocolate jack has been sold.

There are two dark chocolate jenny foal was born late March 2018.  Now 4 months of age, can be sold separately for $350 each, or buy both four month olds for $600.  

Chocolate Pregnant Jennys are $400 each.  

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